Our Story

Improving Parties Since 2003

Hello, my name is Ashley Zalkin, creator of the Original Jel Shot. In my twenties, I earned the nickname, Jel Shot Queen, because of the thousands of shots I would make for my friends to try at parties.

One day, when I was particularly exhausted and sticky after creating a batch of 400+ shots, my best friend called begging for an “emergency” batch for her last-minute party. This is when it hit me…why don’t pre-made Shots exist? Why can’t we easily pick them up from a local liquor store? Lo and behold, I became determined to create the most amazing pre-made Shot ever. BAM! The Original Jel Shot was born!

After a lot of research and dedication (and profits from selling my dream car, a 1965 Mustang), we finally established an incredible team. Over the past few years, we’ve grown out of my kitchen and into partnerships with some wonderful people. Even an original “shark” from the hit TV show Shark Tank has hopped on board. As our team grows, so does our commitment to bringing everyone the opportunity to enjoy Jel Shots, so much so that we have expanded our distribution into multiple states including Florida, New York, Texas, New Jersey, Connecticut, Nevada, Kansas, California and internationally in Canada, Bahamas and Bermuda.

With our combined efforts and support from friends and family, we are able to find the perfect combination of alcohol, flavor, Jel and fun.


  • Do Jel Shots need to be refrigerated?

    Nope! No need to refrigerate and they won’t melt up to 180 degrees. However, Jel Shots taste great chilled or even frozen, if you prefer!

  • Are Jel Shots Gluten Free?

    Yes, Jel Shots are 100% Gluten & Vegan friendly.

  • How much alcohol do Jel Shots contain?

    30 Proof! (15% ABV)

  • What kind of alcohol do Jel shots contain?

    We’re made with a sugar cane neutral grain spirits!

  • What flavors do Jel Shots come in?

    Banana Blast (Banana), Blu-Razz (Raspberry), Sin-o-shot (Cinnamon), Peach Bum (Peach), Frosty Mug (Root Beer), Candymelon (Watermelon)

  • Are the shot containers recyclable?

    Yes, they are 100% recyclable.

  • Is it hard to get the Jel out of the cup?

    No, Jel Shots are pre-formed and easily pop right into your mouth without having to use your fingers or tongue.